Monday, March 22, 2010

A lil' bit of R&R at Limbang

After going through another intensive course
The few of us decided to go for a bit of relaxation
Jess suggested going back to her hometown
Which was what we did
Started our journey at 6 in the morning
or was it 5??.....
Took us about 5-6 hours to arrive there
Including going through customs and everything
Its been a while since i last used my passport
Feels good,mmMmm
Never thought that i'd find another town smaller than tawau,XD
We spent the next few days touring around town
Spent a day at brunei
Had some fun at jerudong park
Sweated a lot
Took lots of pics,mostly of the girls
Jess' parents were very good to us
Aunty kept cooking delicious food for us
Reckon that i've gained 2-3 kgs,XD
I do have some pics to upload
But its just freakin' 1:30 in the morning
And i can't be bothered right now
With the slow connection speed and all
Next post,i promise,haha

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Sexy Beast Is Here

Mark came over 2 days ago,stayed at my place
So we decided to go swim since we were soooo bored today
First time since I moved here
Found out that its very shallow =.=
Oh well,must be content
Must get goggles,coz can't see a thing at all
Nearly bumped my head a few times just now
Speedo,wonder how much ler??
Going cell group later then yam cha again
Mum:its my dinner,so got excuse,XD
Promise won't spend a lot
Gonna lead ice-breaker
Wonder what game should i play
Oh well,dao shi cai suan la

Thursday, January 14, 2010

TIme to work :(

I've been cut off from the internet for the past 3 weeks
So I couldn't do much surfing or facebooking
And explains why I didn't blog XD
Anyways, the hols have been awesome
Came back to kk refreshed and ready
Its been quite interesting actually
Santa gave me a saman early Christmas morning
Its the best present ever, really...
And as for new year
The whole bunch of us went to kfc(yes kfc,its tawau)
I had my usual snack plate
kk's kfc much better
Chewing chewing....pop!
oh crap..........
checked the mirror, the rubber band on the only tooth still crooked came off!!
and i still had another 2 weeks before coming back to kk
I think it could have been straightened by then
oh well,delayed by 3 weeks
oh,nearly forgot
went to island with a group of friends
met new friends
got a nice tan
went for this thing called "discover scuba diving"
and now,i definitely must get a diving license!!!!!!
that's why i'm trying to save up my money
life's been good,thank God
and i can't wait to see what this new year has to offer me
cheers O_0

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Its been ages since I've played futsal
Missed the excitement and non-stop action
Haven't been playing any football much since i got my braces
And also because I've been busy lately with work
Classes clashing with football time
Stomach shrunk
Muscles shrunk/lembek
So I felt very light while running just now
Had a good game,although very tiring
Since only 8 turned up
2 hours tiam~
Not sure when we'll get a chance to play futsal again
Anyone interested??
Tawau also can,lol

Thursday, December 3, 2009


For the first time in my life
My hair is finally facing down!!!
Sometimes still need a bit of wax to keep some of the stubborn parts down la
I know dad will be happy
No more wild grass in the house
But there's still long grass on bro's head la
Too lazy to post a pic now
So maybe the next few days

Monday, November 30, 2009

Children Worship Conference (C.W.C)

Having been in the worship team for a few years
I've been serving for quite a while already
And somehow,unconsciously
Worshipping has become more of a routine,a need-to do
Rather than something I desire
The passion in my heart is emitting only a small flame
Compared to the gigantic blaze when I first received Christ
When I came over to kk in Aug
Pastor Stella had me booked for C.W.C
I had no idea what it was
But I agreed, thinking that it was just another event that i need to serve
Little did i realize......
It was totally awesome!
More than 500++ kids came and gathered to worship God in unity
As I stood on the stage playing my instrument
I could see their faces focused on worshipping
And as we sang and danced
Their enthusiasm was just heart-moving
I haven't felt such joy in praising God for so long
Once more I found the joy of worshipping the Lord
I guess it was God's way of reminding me
How blessed it is to worship Him

Setting up,getting ready

the only liangmoi in cute!!!

Can't lose to them!!

Bad influence~

The whole worship team,led by Roy you think its time for a haircut?XD

Thursday, September 24, 2009

6 boys and a beach

Vui Ken came into town a few days ago
Didn't have a chance to hang out with him until today
So we decided to have dinner together
The whole gang went to KK's most famous bak kut teh
After that we drove around town and went to tanjung aru for a walk
Here are some of the pics that we took