Monday, March 22, 2010

A lil' bit of R&R at Limbang

After going through another intensive course
The few of us decided to go for a bit of relaxation
Jess suggested going back to her hometown
Which was what we did
Started our journey at 6 in the morning
or was it 5??.....
Took us about 5-6 hours to arrive there
Including going through customs and everything
Its been a while since i last used my passport
Feels good,mmMmm
Never thought that i'd find another town smaller than tawau,XD
We spent the next few days touring around town
Spent a day at brunei
Had some fun at jerudong park
Sweated a lot
Took lots of pics,mostly of the girls
Jess' parents were very good to us
Aunty kept cooking delicious food for us
Reckon that i've gained 2-3 kgs,XD
I do have some pics to upload
But its just freakin' 1:30 in the morning
And i can't be bothered right now
With the slow connection speed and all
Next post,i promise,haha

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